The Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo: 31derful years!

The Adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo: 31derful years!

The adventures of Mug Man and Java Jo begin this year, 2018, with a look back on our life together.  We celebrate 31-derful years together this month and we’d like to share a bit of our history with you.

This is us, back in 1987.  We were so last century, weren’t we?  LOL

I have always looked up to Mug Man and not only because I’m 5′ nuthin’.  I’m even wearing my high heels and I still look him square in the tie!  ROFL  No, Mug Man is intelligent and funny.  Our conversations have always made me think and he’s always made me laugh.

For those of you looking for the secret of a long marriage, it’s laughter.

Life will throw some strange things your way; it’s good to know your spouse can weather the storm and still come out with his sense of humor in tact.

Mug Man and I have been together for 31-derful years this month.  Now, don’t get me wrong. We’ve had more than our fair share of ups and downs.  Good times and bad.  Why, in just the last few years alone, we’ve survived my five surgeries!  We’ve been together through thick and thin (I was thinner then. I’m a bit thicker now!)

We’ve survived through two children, three states (California, ARIDzona, and Indiana), several jobs, a few businesses, five surgeries including one for cancer!

People have asked us how we met and, as usual for us, it’s a rather funny story.  He met me before I met him.  You see, my sorority was being serenaded by his fraternity one evening and I didn’t want the boys to see me with my glasses on so I took them off. Problem was I couldn’t see them without them on.

Sometime later, I found myself in psychology class with a handsome sophomore who paid quite a bit of attention to me during class.  So much so that the professor began calling him Romeo.

And the rest, as they say, is history.  Not too long after graduation, Mug Man and Java Jo were married.


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