Mug Man and Java Jo Public Service Announcement

Mug Man and Java Jo Public Service Announcement

Mug Man and I have had quite an adventure the past several weeks. First, I’d like to say that Mug Man and I shop on Amazon for just about everything. It’s a GRAPE place to find just about anything without having to go out to different stores and then mail gifts or trudge products home. We love Amazon as a customer and as a vendor, but we need to bring this issue to your attention. Amazon is aware of it and is working hard for a solution, but there are always bad apples in any bunch.

It seems that there are a few unscrupulous scalawags who are trying to avoid working their business and are, rather, content to just sponge off those hardworking entrepreneurs who are busy offering unique and honest products on Amazon.  Three of them have, in effect, hijacked our listings and made it appear as if they have authority to sell our products.  Not only are we concerned that they are taking our sales, but we are concerned that you, our customers, may be taken as well.  Here’s what I mean.

Anyone can buy something and sell it anywhere they like.  Aunt Sally can purchase a bunch of stuffed animals on sale at Walmart and resell them on Craig’s List, eBay, or Amazon.  What she can’t do is make a stuffed toy and pass it off as a Disney character online using Disney’s name, pictures, etc.  What she also can’t do is add her name to an Amazon listing and SAY she is selling them when, in fact, she’s just going to take the money and never deliver the product at all.

Nobody but Grape Stuff has authority to sell our MugXpressions mugs. Further, our sayings (JoJoisms) are copyrighted and so nobody else may use them on anything without our permission.

To make sure you are purchasing the real McCoy, check to make sure the listing says “Sold by Grape Stuff and Fulfilled by Amazon.”











The knock offs are sold by [someone other than Grape Stuff] and fulfilled by that merchant.  You should only see one listing for each of our mugs with one price. If you see more than one link for one of our mugs, make sure they are Sold by Grape Stuff and Fulfilled by Amazon or you might be getting a cheap imitation.

We will continue to be diligent to bring these Lazy Lawless to justice. So far we’ve been able to get three of them (one of them twice!) to cease and desist and abandon their hold on our listings.   But we ask you, our customers to keep a watchful eye when you’re purchasing so you aren’t buying an inferior product, a copy.  And so that you will receive our unadvertised free gift inside each of OUR MugXpressions orders!

MugXpressions are quality and unique. Accept No Substitutes!











This has been a Mug Man and Java Jo Public Service Announcement.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled day!



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