Close Out Sale!

Close Out Sale!

I’m gonna level with you.  Amazon is a FABULOUS place to buy products as a customer, but it can be very difficult to deal with as a seller.  Our first set of mugs are sitting in their warehouse gathering dust because we couldn’t justify spending any more money to compete with all the other mugs they have listed.  In addition, we had some hijackers to deal with who were spoofing our designs and my copyrighted sayings and selling them as their own.  We have decided to continue, but on our own website so that we can offer even more variety without incurring more cost dealing with Amazon’s rules.

Before we begin that process, we’d like to sell out our inventory we have at Amazon’s warehouses.  If you thought you liked our prices before, you’ll LOVE them now!  We’ve lowered the prices of our two fun MugXpresions mugs with my JoJoisms sayings on them so they’ll go quickly.  We’re not making much on each one, but we need to clear out the inventory there so we are willing to do it to recoup some of the cost of inventory and doing business on Amazon.

If you’d like to take advantage of them, you’d better do it now before they are all gone! We will be introducing new mugs shortly, but we don’t know when we will be coming back around to these two.  Check out our store front on Amazon!


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