Adventures of Mug Man & Java Jo: Ninja Coffee Bar Saga

Adventures of Mug Man & Java Jo: Ninja Coffee Bar Saga

In the 31 years Mug Man and I have been married, we’ve owned a lot of coffee machines.  We’ve had Mr. Coffee, more expensive models, and even a $10 no name brand that lasted a few months.  After seeing several Ninja Coffee Bar infomercials with that actress with the adorable accent, we decided it was time to upgrade our coffee making experience.  It didn’t start off too well.

Unfortunately, their website was incalculably frustrating to navigate.  Mug Man and I got dizzy trying to figure out all the different models available.  I think it took us about three weeks to figure it out and decide on a model. Then, Mug Man almost went Ninja on them as he tried to order it three times! It seemed to go through, but we never got a confirmation.  After what felt like sheer dumb luck, the order did go through and it arrived just a few days later.

I must say the quality is astounding! It’s heavy and comes with so many pieces parts which are also quite heavy.  In fact, I had to get Mug Man Jr to lift everything out of the box(es) for me and help me set it up. No $10 coffee maker (or even a $50 one) comes close to the quality of the Ninja Coffee Bar! I was elated…until…

Mug Man got home from work and wondered why we had two water reservoir covers.  I was wondering that myself, but I figured Ninja was such a quality product that it comes with two!  Uh…nope!  Mug Man says he ordered it separately because their website (and I use the term loosely) didn’t list it amongst the included items.

Next, we carefully read the instructions and quick start guide which told us to clean the unit before first use.  OK…the start guide told me to press power and then clean. I did.  I did.  I DID!  Nothing happened.  Oh, wait…it began counting down from one minute…but got stuck on 49.

By this time, Mug Man was in a perfect tizzy.  We read the instructions which just said to “clean” it first. If I remember correctly (and by this time my head was spinning so much I wasn’t sure what coffee was anymore), it said to run “two cycles without coffee.”

I decided to check their website for signs of life and found a FAQ page that told me to press Power and then Classic Brew without any coffee in it, discard the water and then do it again and it would be ready for our first brew.  Mug Man did so as I read on.  I found a few FAQ that answered why it did a few of the things the instructions nor the start guide revealed and that was rather enlightening.  14 minutes later we had concluded the clean before first use…which would be the next (Saturday) morning.

In the morning, I reread the instructions, put the coffee in, pressed Power and then Classic Brew. The preheat light went on for a while and then turned off…and nothing happened.  So I re-reread the instructions (and by this time I had forgotten who I was!) and decided that “and you’re ready to brew” might mean that I have to push the Classic Brew button AGAIN. I did and voila!  Coffee.

Are you sensing a theme here?  I’m pretty sure the machine is incredible, but their communication skills are somewhat lacking!  I’ll share more of the Ninja Coffee Bar Saga as it continues.  Either way, I hope you had a good giggle reading the first installment.


Just after I had finished typing this blog post, I tried to add the above picture of our new Ninja Coffee Bar.  Somehow it came in sideways…no matter how many times I edited the picture and turned it.  I turned it every which way but loose and it still posted sideways.  At each point, I deleted the picture and saved my work so Gundar, the Technology Gremlin wouldn’t mess with my post.

Unfortuantely, Gundar was waaaaay ahead of me. He had already deleted half of my post and, for inexplicable reasons known only to God, there were no editing versions to go back to.  Thus, I was forced to figure out what was deleted and rewrite it.  After some more coffee (and this particular mug featured in the top image) you see the post in all its glory before you today.

Thanks, Gundar.  I had…fun.



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