Parent and Sister Companies

Check out our parent and sister companies: 

 Grape Stuff: Great Stuff for You and Your Family!

Grape Stuff is our parent company offering unique and quality products for the entire family!  Grape Stuff also puts out a mailing list that comes out only when there is something of value to share: Special Offers and Sales, Free Gifts, and Family Tips!



MugXpressions Now Available on Amazon!

We currently have two MugXpressions mugs available on Amazon, but more will be coming soon!  If you need a perfect inexpensive, but special gift or a fun mug just for you, this is the place to go!




Art of Eloquence is our sister company that has been providing speech communication materials for years. Art of Eloquence provides materials on topics such as:  Public Speaking, Shyness, Conflict Resolution, Christian Apologetics, Business Communication as well as  Homeschool Materials for K-12th grades.






Life Beyond Surviving is a new sister company offering help and support for those who are deep in trial of one kind or another.  The site is not yet up and running, but it has been a support group on Social media for some time now.  (Link forthcoming!)



We also have two blog sites that are part of the Grape Stuff Network of Family Sites: 

JoJoisms is JoJo’s personal blogsite where she shares her humorous take on her every day life.  Here’s where she finds the humor in all the silly things that happen.





For the Love of Purple is the blogsite where JoJo shares her love of the color purple. A love she’s been faithful to, according to her mom, since she was two weeks old! ROFL