See what MugXpressions Customers are Saying About Us!

See what MugXpressions Customers are Saying About Us!

MugXpressions have only been on Amazon for a short time, but already our customers have a lot of GRAPE STUFF to say about us!

I love coffee and coffee mugs. I have a variety of mugs and cups from the dollar store right on up to Belleek crystal from Ireland. I work several jobs, too, so coffee is important to keep me going. With all that’s going on in my life, I knew that the “Coffee: Because Sleep is Only a Dream” mug from MugXpressions was perfect for me, as well as for a few of my friends. I recently received my mug. It is a nice size and weight, perfect for coffee at any time of the day. The printing is brown and outlined by a decorative frame. The letters are solidly printed, not like some of the cheaper mugs I’ve purchased. Along with my purchase came a discount code for purchasing more mugs from Amazon and a free cappuccino stencil, which is a very nice touch. I’m almost done my holiday gift shopping, but I will be getting a few more of these mugs.”  -Carla

I love to dream at night but I also love to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of coffee each morning. This mug says it perfectly! !Im giving 5 stars because when I opened the package, the mug was filled with purple (my favorite color) confetti paper. It was like receiving a birthday gift! This mug is the perfect size for a cup of hot cocoa, hot tea, or apple cider. This is one of my favorite mugs on display in my cupboard!” – Karla H.

My morning routine consist of me standing in front of my cupboard to choose my coffee cup for the day. This is one of my new favorites. Love the font and many a day the saying fits for that day.” -Tammy

Nice big mug – perfect for the full cup of coffee and much needed to be alert after that dreamless sleep. Cute design and will make great gifts!” -Andrea

I LOVE this mug!! It is the perfect size and both microwaveable and dishwasher safe! What a great saying to wake up to after a tough night and that first cup of java!!” -Dale

I love this mug! Cute font and super clever saying. Love that it’s dishwasher/microwave safe, too.” -Hannah

I LOVE these coffee cups! Most of all these special sayings on the cups! They are catchy sayings with humor and cleverness. They are wonderful gifts, inexpensive and I am looking forward to more coffee cups so I can have a set of clever, amusing sayings.” -Sandy

I am a coffee aficionado. Good coffee mugs are one of the staples of my affectation. I also lead a bit of a crazy life, so when I saw the “Sanity Isn’t All it’s Cracked Up to Be” mug from MugXpressions, I knew I had to add it to my collection. The mug came quickly thanks to my Amazon Prime membership. It is a very nice mug, sturdy, but not too heavy to make my morning coffee cumbersome. The printing is in a fun font and solid all the way through. The handle has plenty of room for my fingers. There was a nice surprise in that you get a “chatty” box. Inside the lid you will find a nice thank you from the company and a discount code for future purchases of these mugs on Amazon. And there was yet one more surprise. You get a free cappuccino stencil with each mug! If you’ve been to any coffee houses or bars lately, these stencils are all the rage. Now you can do your own! I am very satisfied with my purchase of the MugXpressions Sanity Mug and will be picking up a few more for gifts.” -GhostWriteHer

I love the saying on the mug. It’s true. Lol and I loved the purple crinkle cut paper in the box. I bought it to give as a gift (if I had enough room I’d keep it myself) and I think it’ll be perfect for a cup of coffee, how Cocoa, hot apple cider or tea.” -Cricket

I love coffee to get me jump started in the mornings. It’s the perfect size for a cup of hot tea, too! This mug makes it that much more fun! The packaging was like opening a birthday present because the mug was filled with purple crinkle cut confetti paper. Such a nice addition to the packaging!” -Karla H.