Coffee News: 11 Simple Coffee Hacks to Try

Coffee News: 11 Simple Coffee Hacks to Try

Did you know that the U.S. is the LEADING consumer of coffee IN THE WORLD?!  Apparently, 150 MILLION of us caffeine-crazed Americans drink some 400 MILLION cups of coffee PER DAY!  I knew we Americans like our coffee, but that tidbit surprised me.  Thought I’d pass it along.

Java Jo here! Scouring the internet to find you the most important coffee news of the day!  I’ll bring them to you so you can spend your time drinking your coffee!  And so that your coffee can be even better, I’m going to bring you coffee news and interviews that will give you insights into better coffee (and tea for those of that persuasion).  To that end, I bring you this:

I found an article that shared 11 Simple Coffee Hacks! I’ll share a few of my most favorite ones here and then you can click on the link to read the original article with all 11 of them.

The first one that struck me, as I’ve seen so much about coffee, was the banana milk flavored coffee!  The article has links to the recipes so check that one out!

Another tip was the quality of the water and I have to add the quality of your coffee maker.  See, Mug Man and I had an old regular coffee maker that began to smell and taste like burned toast. So we got a cheap replacement til we could figure out what to do. I mean, we weren’t about to be without our coffee for any longer than absolutely necessary!  What we found was that even though we had gotten used to the increasingly burning taste, we didn’t realize how much better coffee was with a better machine.  We reported earlier about getting a Ninja Coffee Bar for our anniversary. Well, we recently used a coffee we never really liked. It had stayed in our freezer for a long while because we liked others better til one day we figured we’d give it another go.  MY GOSH, but it was good in the better machine!  Better water, yes. But better machine makes MUCH better coffee!  Amen?

Some new things to me were the Pour Over Method, Collagen Powder Coffee, and Probiotic Coffee.  I’ll let you read that one for yourself, but do look for them. They were really interesting.

But the one tip that was most intriguing to me was their insistence that the right mug makes all the difference.  While they focused on the feel of the mug, I have to say that the humor on the mug is something much more important.  That’s why Mug Man and I create our MugXpressions coffee mugs.

It’s important to express yourself and to have some humor with your morning coffee…as it says in my latest coffee meme!

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