Happy Valentine’s Day from Mug Man and Java Jo

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mug Man and Java Jo

It’s that time of year again when society encourages couples to go out to dinner and buy expensive gifts to show their love to their spouse or intended.  Valentine’s Day has become as much a product of the greeting card industry and jewelry companies as it is an expression of our love for our significant other.

In our 31-derful years together, Mug Man and I have never really celebrated Valentine’s Day.  That is to say, we never made it a practice to go out to dinner or buy each other gifts.  We felt it was too forced.  Mug Man often buys me special gifts or a little something to help me get through my chronic illnesses or surgeries in a little more comfort.  I have always made it a practice to do for him those things that help him get through his day a little easier.  It’s just something we do.

We’ve always put our children first doing things for them to teach them, guide them, and give them the tools they each needed to get where they wanted to go in life.  Just two years ago, we sent our first born out as a married woman though she had been out on her own since going off to college.  Our son, our last, will be going off to college this year and Mug Man and I will be empty nesters.

Our daily focus will again be on each other as it once was BC: Before Children.  I was thinking that it may take some getting used to–being on our own.  We haven’t been just the two of us for 28 years.  So Mug Man and I are setting some goals this Valentine season and I wanted to share that with you so your family might benefit by our experience.

It’s the little, daily things that you remember.  Each Sunday morning before heading out to church, we like to have our breakfast and morning coffee and have a discussion. We talk about memories, goals, current events, and what it will be like when we are just a couple.  It’s become our tradition and will soon be something we may do more often than just once a week.

We’ve discussed what we’d like to do as a couple after our son is off to have college adventures (and our daughter and son-in-law are off in another state contemplating starting a family of their own) and we’ve come up with some plans.

We’ve tried to have a Date Night once a month, but it hasn’t worked out all that well. For one reason or another, things got busy what with our son’s college applications and my limited mobility after ankle surgery.  However, we are thinking we’d like to have a weekly Date Night in our childless future.  We don’t need to go out to a fancy dinner; just go some place special and be together, talk, reminisce, and plan for the future.

What are you doing to make special moments in your marriage or relationship outside of Valentine’s Day?  If you don’t know, you might want to think about it.  Mug Man and I do.

Happy Valentine’s Day…from Mug Man and Java Jo!


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